Feed The Goddess

Eat as an act of self-love to to feel wonderful about life and yourself

The n#1 comprehensive and easily available method to break free from dysfunctional eating & dieting

Welcome To A World Where Success Is Measured Not In The Weight Or Size Of Your Body, But In Terms Of Joy, Love And Confidence

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Discover now our 12-week program

Break Free from dysfunctional Dieting & Over-Eating

Discover now our 12-week program

Are you having a hard time…

Keeping up your energy level to burn fat as fuel instead of storing it on your body?
Feeling happiness?
Handling stress?
Feeling attractive and content with your life?
So many of us are having problems with food. Instead of being a source of strength, joy and beauty, food becomes a form of self-abuse

What we often fail to realize is that diets and an obsessive focus on our weight are so damaging to our wellbeing! They disrupt the sensitive balance of our biochemistry and immediately lower our ability to live a fulfilled life.

These are only some of the detrimental effects of dieting that we are not taking into account. Dieting also turns valuable nutrition into a drug and our bodies to food junkies.

So Welcome to Feed the Goddess!

Discover a comprehensive and practical program, designed to set you up for a lifetime of security around food and an authentic life of happiness and purpose.
Ann Bolin

Our program

Our mission is to help women break free from dysfunctional eating patterns for good. We have selected methods from some of the best therapies and treatments in the world to conquer real food addiction. We have also added special tools and supports to handle food-related emotions, imprinted behaviors and the long-term effects of dysfunctional eating patterns.

Let me introduce myself

My name is Ann Bolin, proud founder of FtG!, With two prestigous Masters degrees and a background in Management Consulting, I have spent a large part of my life doing what ”was expected” from me. Always aiming to please, building that beautyful facade and seeking confirmation from those around me…

What we achieve together?

Gain confidence in your skin and live your life as your strong, authentic self.
Listen to your feelings and dreams.
Create your own path and norms.
Eat as an act of self-love.
Celebrate and treasure your blessings in life.
Maintain that healthy balance where your feel wonderful about yourself and your life.
“Our mission is to help women break free from dysfunctional eating patterns for good”
Ann Bolin


The methodology is based on 5 areas – selected for their impact on our eating habits and importance in driving a persons ability for joy, love & confidence. The idea is to adress both the habits as such, the biochemical and learned issues that keep us stuck and the underlying root causes.

It’s not just about weight. It’s not just about food. You know it’s not.

It’s about YOU and your life.

Feed the Goddess is a journey. It can be long and unspeakably hard. But it is worth every single step! Finding nutritional and emotional balance. Feeling that you are not only allowed, but proud to be your unique self. Who ever you are. Being Free. Being You.
Ann Bolin